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An advanced formulation:
*optimal combination of biotin and key micronutrients, combined with antioxidant support;
*unique long-term protection against fragile and cracked hooves;
*reinforcement of the growth of a healthy horn.

On the recommendation of your farrier or when the health of the hoof is compromised.


Grass flour, calcium carbonate, flaxseed, rosehip shells, methyl sulfonyl methane, orange peel (ripe), dextrin, dried olive leaves, chlorella (dehydrated), mint, tincture of oregano, rapeseed oil, dandelion leaves, milk thistle seeds, turmeric, rosemary, carrot (dehydrated), ginger, ginkgo leaves, licorice.

biotin 300 mg
pantothenic acid 150 mg
vit B6 300 mg
vit C 9,200 mg
vit E 460 IU

sodium 830 mg
calcium 36,400 mg
MSM 50,600 mg

Trace elements/kg
manganese 370 mg
zinc 3,540 mg

Amino acids/kg
methionine 18,000 mg
lysine 18,000 mg

Biotin, supplied by Profeet***** Granules per day:
large horses 45 mg
horses 30 mg
ponies 15 mg


600 kg+: 150 g/day = 3 measurements
400 – 600 kg: 100 g/day = 2 measurements
maintenance dose: 50 g/day = 1 scoop
50 g/day = 1 scoop
maintenance dose: 25 g/day = ½ scoop

Add to the ration or feed directly into a bucket.

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Profeet***** is available in the following formats: