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Special supplement for older horses.
Contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, important amino acids and probiotics to improve digestion.
The sulfur present is a protective factor for the circulatory system of connective tissue and bones. Suitable for all horses subjected to intense work or completely inactive.


potato protein, dicalcium phosphate, brewer's yeast, white mineral oil, gingko leaves, ginseng (from Siberia), magnesium oxide, MSM, oligo-fructose (dried), saccharomyces cerevisiae extracts, sodium chloride, carbonate of calcium.

biotin: 21.3 mg
calcium-D-panthothenate: 2050 mg
choline chloride: 8730 mg
folic acid: 172 mg
nicotinic acid: 1230 mg
vitamin A: 140,000 IU
vitamin D3: 36100 IU
vitamin E: 16000 IU
vitamin K3: 218 mg
vitamin B1: 545 mg
vitamin B2: 303 mg
vitamin B6: 328 mg
vitamin B12: 1.01 mg

Trace elements/kg
zinc: 2560 mg
manganese: 87 mg
copper: 1070 mg
cobalt: 12.3 mg
iodine: 28.7 mg
selenium: 2.13 mg

phosphorus: 21100 mg
sodium: 3150 mg
calcium: 27400 mg

Amino acids/kg
methionine: 24600 mg
tryptophan: 4510 mg
lysine: 91800 mg


in activity: 75 g/day = 3 measurements
at rest: 50 g/day = 2 measures
in activity: 50 g/day = 2 measures
at rest: 25-50 g/day = 1-2 measures