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Respirator Boost provides the ultimate in nutrient combinations, capable of strengthening respiratory immunity and clearing the airways for optimal lung function.
Administer Respirator Boost***** for 15 days in all cases where the respiratory system is heavily stressed (emphysema, allergies) and then continue with Respirator*****.
Administer preventively for all competition horses: 1 day before and during the events, horses will breathe better all day.


water, MSM, glycerin.
ascorbic acid 65000 mg/liter

sensory per liter
milk thistle tincture 62.8 ml
ginger tincture 61.3 ml
ginkgo tincture 61.3 ml
ornicha tincture 38.8 ml
hawthorn berry tincture 30.5 ml
blueberry tincture 21.9 ml
astragalus tincture 20 ml
echinacea tincture 20 ml
turmeric tincture 10.3 ml
rosemary tincture 8.25 ml
licorice tincture 6.19 ml
oregano tincture 1.65 ml
clove leaf oil 0.35 ml
eucalyptus oil 0.35 ml


Horses and ponies:
loading dose: 1-10 days 60 ml/day
maintenance: 30 ml/day
repeat the loading dose if necessary.

For horses with a capricious appetite, start administration with reduced doses and gradually increase.
Administer by syringe if necessary.