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Une lotion nettoyante et apaisante offerte dès 200€ d'achat


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This product is a real booster for your horse's body.

Ideal for all horses with a weakened immune system: sports horses, stressed horses, horses recovering,…or after a long winter.

Equi'drink Immunotonic is also very effective for horses prone to allergies such as summer dermatitis or to support the immune system against the harmful effects of diseases such as laminitis, Cushing's disease, leptospirosis, etc.
Also used preventively, to strengthen the body during treatment in spring and/or fall.

This absolutely natural product draws its strength from aromatherapy, phytotherapy and apitherapy.
This shock treatment is composed of riches drawn from nature: essential oils (garlic, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, oregano, savory, tea tree and thujanol thyme), royal jelly, honey, nettle extracts, thyme and grapefruit seed (natural citrobiotic).

This synergy of active ingredients will tone your horse's body, allowing it to be ready to fight against winter illnesses, against severe fatigue, against accumulated toxins or against external aggressions.

Melanie’s testimony
I have an old Shetland pony over 25 years old, who has worked in clubs all his life and who has started a lot of children. At the start of the last school year, I already found him tired, very stiff and he only went for a little walk in his hand from time to time. He lost a lot of weight this winter despite all the attention we could give him, box at night, outings with friends during the day, pellets, supplements... I was very worried and told myself that he should have struggling to get through the next winter. I discovered Equi'drink Immunotonic and I gave it a treatment.
After a few days, we could already see the difference and within a month, he really changed. He's gained weight, is round again and above all, he's back to great performance, not hesitating to gallop and have fun and even play the naughty side.
Equi'drink Immunotonic was truly a rejuvenation treatment for him.

Equi'drink Immunotonic has been tested for the absence of contaminants by LCH .

Do not administer to pregnant mares.


Organic essential oils of: garlic, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, oregano, savory, tea tree, thujanol thyme, royal jelly and honey, grapefruit seed extract, nettle and organic linalool thyme floral water.


horses and ponies: 25 ml per day for 15 days.

For a prolonged treatment, it is recommended to do 2 treatments of 15 days spaced with a 15-day break.
For sport horses it is recommended to administer the product 10 days per month during the competition season.