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Tonic, antiseptic, urinary tract disinfectant, antiviral, depurative, diuretic and hepatic.

In case of liver, kidney, urinary disorders, after illnesses, especially piroplasmosis, leptospirosis or drug treatments and during periods of stress (travel, competition).

The older the horse, the more important it is to take care of its digestive system: from the age of 16 it is recommended to give at least once a year a course of Equi'drink Drainage, combined with a course of 300 g of Biotics, before winter. You can administer both products in the same meal, preferably in the evening.

After deworming: give half a bottle.

It is strongly recommended to follow each drug treatment with drainage, always associated with care for the intestines: Biotics.

For sport horses, which often compete, you can give 30 ml of Equi' drink Drainage and 1 measure of Biotics, 10 days a month, throughout the competition season. This treatment will be of great support for his digestive system and you will see it in his performance.

A course of drainage/Biotics in the last month of gestation will prepare the mare for childbirth and provide good quality milk.

Equi'drink Drainage has been tested for the absence of contaminants by LCH .


honey, spring water, organic floral waters: sage, thyme, juniper and essential oils: lemon, lemongrass, tea tree, ravensara; wild chamomile, juniper and eucalyptus radiata.


horses: 30 ml/day, mix with food, preferably in the evening;
ponies: 15-25 ml/day, depending on size.