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Emollient, laxative, softening of the digestive, urinary and pulmonary systems. Gives a healthy and shiny coat.
Flaxseed provides mucilage and polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially from the omega 3 series.
It must be cooked to release the mucilage and inhibit the formation of hydrocyanic acid.


Jessy's favorite recipe

For a 500 kg horse.
Boil 1 liter of water.
Add 175 to 200 g of flax seeds.
Place the container on a diffuser, bring gently to a boil while stirring.
Leave to boil over low heat for at least half an hour.
Just before serving, mix the cooked flax seeds with a few handfuls of wheat bran (preferably organic).
In the feeder place a ration of flattened barley which you will soak in very hot water. Add 1 measure of garlic & fenugreek and the flaxseed & wheat bran mixture.
Mix everything well.
You can add what constitutes the usual ration (muesli, pellets, etc.).
Serve immediately and…… Enjoy your meal!