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The whole family - the stallion

During the breeding season, the needs of a stallion are comparable to those of a sport horse, depending on the number of coverings that will be required of him.
To cover these needs, there are excellent products that will satisfy the increased demand for vitamins A, D, and E and ensure a good phospho-calcic and mineral balance: Iodamine Equine for hardy ponies and horses; Equi-senior for thoroughbreds, Anglo-Arabs, French saddles etc., Vitamin E, Selenium & Lysine can also be useful in preparing your stallion for the season. Will provide the essential fatty acids necessary for good fertility.
It is advisable to administer the necessary supplementation two weeks before the start of the breeding season. Keep your stallion in good general condition - neither too fat nor too thin - his fertility depends on it.
If your stallion is too excited to the point of losing weight, give him Equi'mélange Calmant , throughout the breeding season, if necessary. This product has no impact on his physical state or on the quality of the sperm.
The proper functioning of your liver is essential in order to correctly metabolize the excess protein supplied to it. Any metabolic overload will impact hormonal balance and sperm vitality.
We will ensure that the stallion has been well dewormed before the start of the breeding season. If necessary, hepatorenal drainage will be guaranteed using Equi'drink Drainage and followed by a course of Biotics .
If, despite your good care, your stallion weakens a little, you can give him a “boost” with Equi'drink Immunotonic .
It often happens that a (young) person suffers from self-mutilation: he bites his chest, side, legs, often until he bleeds. Generally this behavior is linked to a hormonal imbalance. You can try to solve this problem with Oestress***** powder or Oestress***** liquid .