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The whole family - the young one - the bones

Too often horse breeders are faced with problems of bone deficiencies.

These anomalies frequently find their origin in the first years of the horse's life. Unfortunately, they do not reveal themselves until much later, in the form of metabolic diseases such as OCD, navicular diseases and osteitis of the sesamoid bone.

Several factors are at the origin of these bone deficiencies: heredity, breeding conditions and diet, which plays a primordial role.
The conditions of gestation exert a preponderant influence on the presence - or absence - of these deficiencies. The last three months of gestation are of capital importance, this is the period when the foal's growth is the most rapid. It is therefore important that the mare can provide her foal with a sufficient quantity of minerals and trace elements. It is capable of storing them in its liver and mobilizing them after birth.

During the first weeks of its life, the foal depends entirely on its mother. Various research has shown that mother's milk does not always cover all the foal's needs. The reserves stored in the foal's liver then take on their full importance. Deficiencies inevitably lead to developmental delays. These periods of rapid growth of the foal are characterized by very high nutrient requirements.

For safe growth, Biodalg offers you two nutritional supplements which contribute to healthy bones in your foal or yearling. Iodamine Equine and Symbiotonic have unique compositions of minerals and trace elements, which act on:
*activation of metabolism;
*improved blood circulation around tendons and joints;
*better assimilation of minerals;
*improving the elasticity of tissues, tendons, ligaments and bones;
*prevention of cartilage degeneration;
*improved calcium intake during bone growth;
*the regulation of chronic inflammation of bone or cartilage as well as edema.

Iodamine Equine is administered to the broodmare's food, whatever the diet, during the last two months of gestation and the first two months of lactation. Then ½ dose, possibly until weaning.

For the foal, as soon as it starts to feed, that is to say between 1 and 2 months, it is possible to give it Iodamine Equine in the amount of 1 pinch on a little grain or pellets.
Symbiotonic can be given at the age of 5 to 6 months, and in particular at weaning.