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Une lotion nettoyante et apaisante offerte dès 200€ d'achat

For dogs

Many riders and/or horse owners also have dogs, and their health and well-being are as important to them as that of their horses.

We present to you a range of very high quality natural products for dogs. It can contribute to general well-being, relief from the harmful effects of chronic diseases and support veterinary treatment.
Under no circumstances will these products replace the advice or treatment of your veterinarian.
If, for example, a dog has severe diarrhea due to a bacterial infection, it is absolutely necessary to administer veterinary antibiotic treatment. But, then, to restore its intestinal flora and optimize its digestion, it may be desirable to provide it with a natural product.
When administering a supplement, ensure compliance with the dosage; there is then no risk of adverse effects, even in the event of prolonged use.
Every living being can have allergic reactions to medications, food and, also, natural products. Monitor your dog a little the first day you give a new supplement.

In general
Canitonic : fights against cellular aging.
In each cell, there is a permanent struggle between free radicals and antioxidants. The factors that induce the formation of free radicals are multiple: exercise, aging, defense against infections, inflammatory processes but also chemical and refined diets, medications, pollutants.
Free radicals are harmful to the dog's body and must be neutralized. To play this role, certain antioxidants are produced by the dog's body, others must be provided through food. However, conventional food presents a chronic deficit in antioxidant nutrients: enzymes, natural vitamins, trace elements.
Canitonic has been designed and tested to provide dogs with these essential elements:
*during gestation, lactation, growth: ensures a supply of quality nutrients, entirely natural, without overload or additional toxins;
*by improving performance and recovery after exercise;
*regulation of intestinal transit, increased mobility, Canitonic revitalizes the vital energy of elderly dogs.

Canine Omega Oil : the benefit of administering a little oil in the dog's food has long been underestimated.
Essential unsaturated fatty acids are important for the proper functioning of the body, which cannot synthesize them itself. These fats must be provided by food.
Essential fatty acids protect cell membranes, tissues, organs, promote intestinal transit and protein absorption.
They also increase resistance against infections and give a shiny coat.
Research has proven a relationship between essential oil deficiency and behavioral problems or lack of concentration.
The most important essential fatty acids are Omega 3 (linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic acid).
Omega 3 is a powerful antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Omega 6 improves hair quality, fertility, wound healing and joint flexibility.
Oils are a good source of energy; respect the dosage carefully.
Canine Omega Oil is composed of high quality, pure, additive-free and first cold pressed oils (no loss of quality).

The digestion
Digestion problems are found in all dogs and of all ages.
The causes are multiple: change of food, "street eaters" (dogs who eat whatever they find), medications (especially antibiotics), allergies, worms, viruses, liver and kidney problems and various diseases that act on the digestion.
Be especially vigilant about piroplasmosis, a parasitic disease transmitted by ticks. Currently this harmful disease has spread throughout almost all of France.
If your dog has no appetite, looks depressed and has either a continuous or intermittent fever, it is best to consult your veterinarian urgently.
Canine Digestion is a very complete natural product, formulated from 100% natural ingredients.
The product contains, among other things, montmorillonite clay, a very fine natural clay, associated with important amino acids, prebiotics to maintain good intestinal flora and ginger, known to improve gastrointestinal transit.

The skin
In dogs, there are so many coat variations, depending on breeds and even individuals, that we can only give some general advice.

The few characteristics of slightly less healthy skin are: dull hair, hair loss, dander, an unpleasant odor, hypersensitive skin, itching, the dog scratches a lot.
Such signs can appear due to health problems, hormonal imbalance, too rich food, but very often it is an allergic reaction to certain materials that come into direct contact with the skin.
Good hygiene is essential and nothing stands in the way of a bath or shower from time to time, preferably with a natural shampoo. Sometimes all it takes is one flea to make your poor dog's life unbearable and the harmful effects of ticks are widely known.

If your dog scratches a lot, you can also try changing his synthetic basket for one made of natural material, not too close to the heater.
If his food exceeds 20% protein (for an adult dog)... change brands!
If the problem comes from inside the dog, you first need a diagnosis and appropriate treatment from the veterinarian. Canitonic has a good influence on health, but also on the skin.