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Let's not forget humans

Horse in shape...
fit rider.

This seems obvious, but too many riders still neglect their own physical condition.
A fit horse and an unfit rider will not make a good combination, regardless of the level at which one rides.
Of course, the higher the level, the more important the good form of the rider becomes.
Basically, each rider must have flexibility in general, loose and trained muscles, good balance and not be overweight.

To do this, ensure a good balanced diet, regular sports practice in addition to horse riding: jogging for example, cycling, yoga, tai chi, or better: Pilates... It is also strongly recommended to see an osteopath regularly (as well as for horse !). Alternate sports to avoid asymmetrical development.
The horse is a very sensitive being, the more the rider is in control of his body, the more horse riding becomes a marvel. Knowing that we can, for example, stop the horse only by our breathing, we can then guess why the rider must ensure that he maintains perfect physical condition.

NAF is not only one of the world's leading companies in the field of nutritional supplements for horses, but also develops a “human” branch, NutriLabs, with effective products whose quality has nothing to envy of that which you already know for products intended for horses.

The products, Supaflex and Supasulf-MSM are designed for prolonged use.