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Une lotion nettoyante et apaisante offerte dès 200€ d'achat

Let's not forget humans - aromatherapy - organic essential oils

By far the most precious asset we have is our health, our physical and mental balance.
In order to preserve, maintain or improve this capital, Altho Laboratory has developed a range of natural products through which we hope to provide a response to your needs.

Nature, through its diversity, creativity and improvement, remains the most efficient of all laboratories!
Throughout history, plants have been a source of active ingredients that man has been able to use for therapeutic purposes.
Extracted from a plant by steam distillation, dry distillation or cold expression, the essential oil is made up of a wide range of biochemical molecules which characterize it.
Due to its multiple chemical components, each essential oil has its own biological actions on the body, and presents different therapeutic effects.
In order to best master their therapeutic meaning, the essential oils that we offer are all 100% pure and natural, and their botanical and chemical identity (chemotype) is clearly defined.

The professional ethics of Altho Laboratory, based on a deep respect for nature and man, naturally led to working with certified ORGANIC products.

See also the “Additional information” file - essential oils.