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The respiratory tract - epistaxis

Epistaxis or HPIE (exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage) or nosebleed is a common pulmonary accident in racing horses (both gallopers and trotters) or eventers. We suppose that:
*during work, the blood pressure in the pulmonary capillary vessels becomes such that they are likely to rupture;
*the impact of the hooves on the ground is so violent that it is transmitted into the chest in shock waves powerful enough to tear the blood vessels.
The blood then diffuses into the bronchioles then flows through the nostrils; this blood is light red.

The torn capillaries will heal but as they harden, the next tear will occur next and so on until leading to fibrosis.
Blood in the lung can cause chronic inflammation, and blood clots that remain in the sinus cavities can provide a good growing medium for bacteria.

MSM to maintain lung integrity.