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The benefits of magnetism

Magnets for horses, dogs and riders
Each living cell has its own magnetic field. Each functioning of life has an electromagnetic component. Any pathology whatsoever: muscle injury, tendon injury, osteoarthritis, etc. induces an alteration of the electromagnetic properties of tissues with the consequence of disturbances in the permeability of cell membranes.
Cellular exchanges are then disrupted, the tissues are therefore less well nourished and the processes of elimination of waste and toxins are less efficient; stiffness and defects in reactivity towards inflammatory phenomena will appear.
The application of magnets aims, through induced currents, to restore the polarity of cell surfaces, as well as the efficiency of trophic exchanges and cellular metabolism within tissues, even if they are relatively poorly irrigated tissues such as than the tendons.
This restores the body's natural reaction capabilities to external attacks.
The use of magnetic products constitutes a gentle and progressive therapy that you can apply yourself without danger! Unipolar magnets create a favorable negative magnetic field free of undesirable effects.

Among the favorable actions:
*improved traffic;
*improved cellular oxygenation;
*improvement of the body's detoxification capabilities;
*reduction of water retention;
*stimulation of lymphatic circulation, helping to fight infections.

Congestion of the limbs, tendon, muscular, joint disorders (osteoarthritis); preventive action before a sporting event, recovery after exercise, etc.

Do not use magnetic products for:
*open wounds, trauma less than 36 hours old;
*areas with acute infections;
*patients receiving treatment with corticosteroids;
*in case of gravidity;
*if your horse has been diagnosed with cancer;
*not recommended for pacemaker wearers.

How long to wear the magnets?
Magnets should not be worn continuously. Their effect is felt in the first hours then the body adapts and the effect becomes negligible.
A leaflet is available for each magnetic product.