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Leather care

The importance of leather care is often underestimated.

Leather is a valuable natural product that can have a long lifespan provided it is regularly maintained. Clean and well-maintained harness retains all its qualities and remains a safe material.

You can check the condition of the leather by folding it in half; if small cracks form, the leather is "dead" and even intensive oiling will not restore its suppleness, it is safer to replace it.

After each use, it is necessary to clean off dirt and sweat. A few times a year, depending on the intensity of use, it will be necessary to completely clean and grease all the leathers. To do this, unclip all the loops, clean with a little lukewarm water, a sponge and spray or cream soap.

Stubborn stains will disappear by applying, using a sponge, either a little lukewarm milk or Leather Cleaner . As soon as the leather is dry (never dry in the sun or near a heat source), apply a balm, cream, oil ( Beef Foot Oil ) or Nourishing Leather .