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Additional information - about plants

The use of plants is probably as old as humanity, but the first historical evidence dates back to around 3000 BC: clay tablets engraved with cuneiform characters report “recipes”, treatments using plants.
Since then, we have never stopped searching for the “secrets of plants”, studying their beneficial properties.

Current demand favors a more natural approach to diseases and their treatments, both for humans and animals.
Plant therapy responds excellently to this demand. Scientific progress applied to research makes it possible to better and better understand the mode of action of plant principles, the medicinal properties of plants and makes it possible to demonstrate the validity of centuries-old practices with regard to the traditional use of medicinal plants.

The horse was far from these research methods as long as nature offered him everything he needed. Two to three daily rations of cereals or pellets hardly correspond to a horse's natural eating behavior.
A food supplement providing vitamins and minerals will never provide everything that can be provided by plants which still contain numerous substances of medicinal value, having for example antiseptic, antibiotic, digestion stimulating properties, a favorable effect on the phenomena of blood purification, calming properties...

One of the great qualities of plants is that they are absorbed slowly by the body, giving the body time to adapt and react.
It takes 10 to 14 days before you can see the results of administering plant products. Most often, the administered dose can be reduced after 3 to 4 weeks of distribution; the plants, once well assimilated by the body, will have reached their optimal efficiency. The supply of plant supplements can be maintained over long periods without disadvantage; these plants can be added to each ration.

Just like in humans, each horse will react in a particular way to the administration of plants, the quantitative needs vary from one to another, one horse will eat with appetite what another may refuse, but in general, horses really like plants. In addition, certain substances contained in plants stimulate the production of saliva.
Nature does not only produce plants with positive effects, some are toxic or even fatal. All the plants and mixtures offered on our site are absolutely healthy and of high quality. However, it is not recommended to administer products containing harpagophytum to pregnant mares.

Too often, we try to combat symptoms observed in our horses and not the cause of the problems. But pinpointing the cause is often difficult.
So for a tendon problem, we can apply effective treatment to the injured structure but without trying to find out if the tendon lesion is linked to an overload of the forehand or to back pain. The cause may be even more remote; where does back pain come from?...
Everything is not simple, so prevention is better than cure... Plants are of precious help due to their gentle effects and the possibility of administering them over long periods. The effectiveness of plants lies above all in the right choice of species and their association.
You also need to know how to accurately determine the ideal harvest period, know the most favorable growing conditions, etc.
It is very important that the plants are grown in natural conditions and receive as little processing as possible. Fresh plants produce the best effects, generally followed by dehydrated plants. Plant macerations and liquid extracts generally have more powerful properties and have faster effects.

Equi Natura offers you a range of excellent quality plants intended for horses.
The plants come from many parts of the globe, where the production conditions are best for each particular plant. In the laboratory, they are combined with the greatest care, thanks to the collaboration of a phytotherapist and our horses.
All formulas are made only from plants, without additives and without doping products. The provision of plant-based products to horses is growing in popularity, due to the excellent results. The reactions from our customers about Equi'mixtures as well as products based on essential oils are very encouraging. The possibilities of use are numerous:
Anti-stiffness Equi'mixture : one of our flagship products; for all kinds of stiffness: young horses breaking in, competition season, stiffness after work. Excellent product for older horses.
Equi'mixture Anti-itch: not limited to use against dermatitis, but use against any type of skin allergy.
Respiratory Equi'mixture : respiratory disorders of any origin.
Calming Equi'mixture : nervous, stressed horses, whether the causes are of physical or psychological origin.
Equi'mixture Booster : for horses who need a 'little extra'.
Equi'mixture Anti-laminitis : to prevent or combat the harmful effects of laminitis.
Equi'mixture Special for mares : for mares who suffer from irregular and painful cycles.