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Good health ! - nutritional supplements

We sometimes come to believe that the horse can no longer live without nutritional supplementation.
This is wrong, of course, but even horses that appear healthy at first glance will benefit from certain supplements; you have to think about garlic (all year round) or garlic and fenugreek (in winter), linseed oil during moulting periods, Equi'drink Drainage treatments (liver and kidneys), Biotics to balance the intestinal flora , Equi'drink Immunotonic treatments for the immune system etc.

In nature, a horse seeks what it actually needs by moving constantly and, if conditions permit, it will balance its food, not only with grass but, if present also with plants, roots, fruits, branches and sometimes even with clay (minerals!).
The horse of old knew very well what he needed, what he should take and what he should leave. He ate at least 16 hours a day, a food rich in fiber, which requires good chewing. In doing so, the horse produces saliva. This saliva stimulates the digestion of food and prevents gastric hyperacidity.
Although the horse's living conditions have completely changed, its way of eating and digestion has remained the same.

Everything changed ! 
Our current horse no longer lives in the wild, he no longer spends almost all of his time looking for food.
His current diet often consists of a few kilos of pellets or flakes with hay and/or straw. With such a diet, the horse chews on average 3 hours per day, resulting in insufficient saliva production, gastric hyperacidity (risk of ulcers) and intestinal digestion disorders (risk of laminitis, colic).
We made him an athlete and became responsible for his health.
The horse is strong and fragile at the same time.
Its digestive function is particularly delicate. Deficient digestion will immediately have an impact on the absorption of nutrients; a deficiency which may result from this will have an influence on other processes. Following a problem due to trauma, illness, training or stress, nutritional balance plays an important role in the recovery process.

There are many situations in which it is very useful to supplement your horse's ration: a horse in training or competing, a broodmare, young growing horses each have specific nutritional needs: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, probiotics, amino acids, fatty acids etc.
It is difficult to give strict standards. You must first judge whether or not your horse needs supplementation. The quantities depend, among other things, on the breed, age, condition of the animal and the work to which it is subjected. Each individual will have their particular needs.
Nutritional supplements allow the ration to be adapted to individual needs. They are absorbed quickly by the body and generally allow a rapid reaction of various bodily processes.

Use of nutritional supplements 
The basis, of course, will be a balanced diet adapted to the work and living conditions of the horse. Deficiencies manifest themselves initially through vague symptoms: tired more quickly, less appetite, less beautiful coat, poorer hoof quality, horse more agitated, nervous, etc.
If your horse displays such symptoms, then calculate whether its needs are covered. Remember that vague symptoms easily become chronic.
When you administer a supplement, ensure that the dosage is respected; there is no risk of adverse effects, even with prolonged use.
However, monitor intake of vitamins A, D, E and selenium. Excesses can produce effects as harmful (or sometimes worse) than deficiencies.
It is not necessary to take into account the vitamin and mineral intake of hay, grass, carrots, etc. The body will absorb what it needs and the excess will be eliminated.
The quality of the supplements is essential. The good results of a product depend on the bioavailability of the ingredients. All the products on our site are carefully selected and are guaranteed to be of high quality and optimal bioavailability.

To finish: a “classic” question, often asked: “my horse is losing weight; I increased his ration but he doesn't benefit, I can't get him to gain weight.
Do you have any vitamins/minerals to offer him?
The answer is no! Not for the moment. Call us.