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Applications and massages

Engorgement can be the result of various injuries or anomalies. 
It is an accumulation of fluids or inflammation of the synovial sheath of tendons, bursae or joints. There is increased production of synovial fluid, edema, serum or blood. In the case of hematomas and contusions, we are dealing with a mixture of blood, edema and serum. If the engorgement persists for too long, the fluid may turn into connective tissue. 
The causes of congestion are multiple: infection, overload, poor posture, tendon disorders, poor blood circulation, kicks, liver, heart, kidney problems, poorly adapted or poor quality food, etc. 
You should always look for the cause and, if in doubt, consult a veterinarian to establish a precise diagnosis. 

An acute engorgement , hot to the touch, as in the case of tendon inflammation, will benefit from being cooled with a cooling clay. Ice Cool is a clay whose use is ideally suited to joints on which applications are difficult to maintain such as the stifle, knee, hock because it remains supple and moist for a long time. 

In the case of chronic engorgements , which are not warm to the touch, such as knuckles, swollen knees, engorged tendons, bladders, painful muscles etc. you can stimulate blood circulation using heating bandages, or a massage with Equi'phytogel . 

To apply a heating bandage : 
spread the clay over the area concerned, cover with plastic film such as cling film, then with strips. 
In the case of old wheels, you can apply Equi'phytogel or arnica compresses before applying a heating bandage. 

The sport horse is an athlete and, as such, must be cared for before and after work. 

Before work 
In addition to a well-conducted warm-up, it is also possible to prepare the horse for exercise through massages using Equi'phytogel . 
A well-circulated muscle eliminates toxins more easily and is less prone to injury. For horses with sensitive tendons: consider applying the %Universal Magnetic Bandage% for a few hours. 

After work 
Following training or an event, we will ensure a good return to calm. 
You can give your horse massages ( Equi'phytogel ) which will stimulate blood circulation and therefore help eliminate toxins and relax painful muscles. To do this, also think about the Magnetic cover . If palpation of the tendons reveals hot areas, choose a cooling clay or gel. 

If you use clay after exercise to calm/cool the legs, do not apply the bandages right away. Apply the clay and leave it like that; with a bandage you “lock in” the heat instead of eliminating it. 

Many horses, especially older horses, experience congestion in their limbs (most often the hindquarters) when kept in a stall. 
This congestion usually disappears with work. Applications of heating bandages or %Universal Magnetic Bandage% will be very beneficial to these horses, as will drainage of the liver and kidneys thanks to Equi'drink Drainage , the administration of antioxidants such as D-Tox and probiotics: Biotics . 

There is no fair a clay but of the clays, according to their origin. Clay is a natural material rich in minerals and chemical bonds such as oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, natrium, potassium, magnesium, alum and traces of chloride, phosphorus, hydrogen, manganese, sulfur, titanium. 
The color of the clays depends on their origin: red, green, gray, white, etc. Kaolin, for example, is very white and very rich in silicates. 
Montmorillonite from France is used internally. 
The virtues of the clay used in application are numerous: astringent, antiseptic, anti-edematous, toning, anti-inflammatory, relaxing. 
The benefits of the different preparations depend on what has been added to the clay, for example: arnica (stimulant of blood circulation, anti-inflammatory), witch hazel (astringent, hemostatic, antiseptic), eucalyptus (antiseptic, tonic). 
The clays offered on our site are ready to use and easy to apply.