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Laminaze to eliminate toxins

Biotics to rebalance the intestinal flora.

If there is a risk of liver or kidney failure, combine Drink drainage with Biotics

Support with Anti-Laminitis Blend .


In addition to veterinary treatment, give drink drainage associated with Biotics in order to cleanse the blood and kidneys and rebalance the intestinal flora.

Increase your general resistance with Drink immunotonoic , D-Tox or Equi'sénior

Respiratory problems:

In case of infections: Increase your general resistance with Iodamine and thin bronchial secretions using Respiratory Drink or Respiratory Mixture .

In case of allergies: Spray your hay and straw with Respirator Vap, increase your immunity with Drink Immunotonic , administer antioxidants with Respirator .

Emphysema: Administer respirator boost for 15 days and follow with respirator .

Msm suffers, respiratory equi'diff

Drainage / Biotics


Provide antioxidants to eliminate toxins thanks to Drink immunotonic , Devils relief , D-Tox or superflex .

Administer MSM associated with Equi phytogel in external care

To relieve osteoarthritis: immunotonic drink , Glucosamine , Devils relief or Superflex

Summer dermatitis:

To limit the damage, it is advisable to do a good internal cleaning very early in the season with Drink drainage combined with Biotics .

Increase your immunity with immunotonic drink or iodamine .

Support throughout the season with the anti-itch mixture , apply externally the anti-dermatitis equi'gel .

As soon as possible wash it with the equi'shamp 2 in 1 .

Wounds: cracks, scratches...

Clean the wound with physiological serum and apply tea tree equi'balm .



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