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The skin

The horse's skin constitutes its most important organ, it is a reflection of its state of health.
The skin forms a first barrier against parasites, microbes, wounds, etc.
Hair, mane and sweat glands help keep the body at a constant temperature.
Without exaggerating, you need to take good care of your horse's skin.
The horse lives outside and has its winter coat; don't brush him too often, he doesn't take his mud baths for nothing. This provides it with a layer of protection.
Brush well during shedding. You can facilitate shedding by administering Iodamine Equine .
When the temperature permits, the horse likes to be showered. With or without shampoo depending on whether the horse has or has not sweated. The ideal is to wash it with one of our natural shampoos, which do not degrease the skin . With these shampoos you can wash your horse as often as needed. Apply undiluted to wet mane and tail and, for the body, dilute a few capfuls in a bucket of water.
Optionally you can add a few drops of Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil (refreshes), Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (disinfects) .