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Une lotion nettoyante et apaisante offerte dès 200€ d'achat


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Excellent blend of plants, rich in vitamin C, to combat the harmful effects of horse laminitis or, better, prevent it.
The toxins present during laminitis will be eliminated by the hepatic, diuretic, depurative and blood circulation stimulating properties. Through its anti-inflammatory, relaxing, antiseptic, antispasmodic, tonic and digestion-stimulating action, this mixture helps the body to recover and increase its resistance.

It is not recommended to administer two herbal mixtures at the same time.
Indeed, each mixture presents a strong synergy. By administering another mixture or other plants we disrupt this synergy.

Equi'mixture Anti-laminitis for horses has been tested for the absence of contaminants by LCH, which allows regular use without constraints .


garlic, artichoke leaf, blackcurrant, rose hip, ginkgo biloba, olive leaf, stinging nettle.


preventive: 10 g/day per 100 kg of weight for 2 to 3 weeks, then gradually reduce to half dose and continue as long as necessary.
In the acute phase: 10 g/day per 100 kg of weight until a clear improvement is visible, then gradually reduce to half dose and continue for as long as necessary.

One measurement = 11g.