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Pamper your horse well in winter....

Pamper your horse well in winter....

The horse is made to live outside, with a well-mulched shelter, fresh, clean water and plenty of good hay.

However, you can enhance your daily life with a hot ration from time to time with "Jessy's favorite recipe":

For a 500kg horse:

Boil 1L of water

Add 175 to 200g of flax seeds

Bring gently to the boil, and simmer over low heat for at least 1/2 hour.

Just before serving add a few handfuls of wheat bran.

Prepare your ration of flattened barley soaked in hot water, add 2 measures of garlic and fenugreek and the flaxseed/wheat bran mixture.

Mix everything well and serve immediately!

Your horse will enjoy it.

For sport horses, we will prepare them well for winter thanks to the Drink drainage/Biotics duo, which will drain the liver and kidneys and balance the intestinal flora.

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